Elm Tower 2017

Elm wood, rope & steel swivel shackle




Driftwood Tower 2015

Natural tumbled driftwood, string & clam shell beads




Steel Tower 2015

Cold rolled steel & string



The carved “Elm Tower Mobile” is an homage to Northern California –

composed and built like the handmade, cliff hanging, split level houses

along my native coast.


These 22 carved forms are all faithfully based on the natural tumbled shapes

found in the maquette “Driftwood Tower Mobile”.


The “Elm Tower Mobile” is rigged on spliced and whipped Dutch yacht rigging line

and glides beneath a steel swivel shackle.


This body of work, focused at present on mobiles,

includes carved hardwoods, marble, steel and most recently cast concrete.


The dynamism of mobiles, the interaction with people and wind,

their shadows & reconfiguration through their movement,

all converge to keep this art form ever engaging and fresh for me.





Observations about artist from Kneass Boat Works website:


“One thing about what Ruth Kneass does that often strikes me is her use of time-worn materials to create a timeless work of art. Obviously, this applies most to the driftwood and found objects. I think she doesn't try to perfect those pieces, they are beautiful as they are, so much as sculpt them into a state of grace, a timelessness that conjoins the handiwork of their creator (time, wind, sun and sea) with the artistic eye of their founder (Kneass). The mobiles can be viewed as clocks unbound by time, moved by a natural animus that doesn’t signify progress or time passing, but something removed from time and more perfect.“



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